Website Design

At Three Girls Media, we specialise in the design of beautiful websites that attract visitors, communicate your brand, convey your message, and engage the user.  We hope that you will consider us an extension of your own team, combining your commercial skills and experience with our strong design and advanced website development skills.

We will work with your existing graphic designer/branding specialist or our own designers can create a whole new image for your online presence.

If you have existing marketing materials we will work with you to establish the key elements of your marketing message and adapt them for the web.  We are experts in internet copywriting and are able to reduce existing print media to the more concise format required for the internet.

If you have no existing marketing materials then we will take time to fully understand your business and your brief, and create a slick online presence that accurately reflects your business and conveys your message.  We can create new logos and branding for you and if necessary create a whole suite of marketing materials that are based upon your online presence.

For every client we properly analyse your needs to establish  the features that you require and the pages that you need and their function .  We will only advise you to have the number of pages and functions that you actually need.

We pride ourselves on understanding briefs given to us, and translating them into engaging websites at an affordable cost and in a timely manner.

Responsive Web Design

The size and variety of devices on which potential users might access your website is growing all the time, and whereas 10 years ago it was normal to design a website assuming that it would primarily be viewed on a desktop computer or a laptop, that balance has entirely shifted, and it is now more likely that a user's first interaction with your website will be from their phone.

Responsive Web Design addresses that problem, and ensures that users of your website will have a good user experience on all devices - desktops, laptops, tablets and phones.

All of the websites designed by Three Girls Media are responsive, and we fully test all the websites that we design on multiple browsers, multiple Operating Systems (eg Windows, Mac , IOS, Android).

Watch our really helpful video which explains what Responsive Web Design is and how it works.


Ongoing Web Development and Maintenance

All of our websites can be fully updated and managed by you ensuring that you pay only for the design and installation of your site and saving on the high costs that many of our clients have previously experienced when they need to update information on their websites.  We can even set your site up so that you can update it from your smartphone or email client ensuring that you never have to actually edit the site at all.  Of course, if the day to day management of your site is not for you, then we are very happy to do it for you.

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