Moving your website from Wix to WordPress

Wix to WordPress Migration Service

Many of our clients create their first website with Wix as it is easy to create a basic website with limited functionality yourself.

A self-built website can be a good place to start, and because of the preset designs that Wix offers, it is not particularly difficult to create a basic website.

There comes a time when most clients want or need to take their website to the next stage and we have extensive experience in helping clients move from Wix to WordPress.

There are many reasons why clients want to move on from Wix, but the most common we hear is the limited designs and functionality it offers.  Wix is a page builder that only offers a fixed selection of layouts and a very limited selection of functionality options.  It is a closed system where applications approved by Wix can be integrated into their websites and often there comes a point where clients require designs and functionality that just can’t be achieved in Wix.

WordPress, on the other hand, is an very flexible system, and additional functionality can be added to any WordPress website using “Plugins”. 

Plugins are modules providing functionality, and at the current count, there are more than 59,000 available in the WordPress library.  In addition, tens of thousands of premium plugins offer additional or enhanced functionality.

With WordPress, if you can imagine it, then we can probably build it.  Whether you want a slick brochure site, and e-commerce store or a very specific set of functionality. With WordPress and its Plugins it can usually be achieved – and if there isn’t a readily available solution, we can build one for you.

What we can do to assist with your move from Wix to WordPress:

  • Assessment and Planning
  • Backup and Data Export
  • Designing Your WordPress Site
  • Migration of your content from Wix to WordPress
  • Enhance your website's functionality
  • SEO Optimization
  • Testing, Quality Assurance and Training
  • Support you with your new WordPress website
wix to wordpress web design

Why Switch from WIx to WordPress

Wix to WordPress Migration Service

We specialize in helping clients to transition their websites from Wix to WordPress, empowering them to unlock the full potential of their online marketing.

Our complete service begins with an assessment of your current Wix website, allowing us to tailor our recommendations to designs and functionality that align with your specific goals.  We will take time to understand what your current website lacks, and what we can do to improve user experience.

With meticulous attention to detail, we will handle every aspect of the moving process, from designing your new WordPress website, to migrating your content from Wix to WordPress.  Our team of talented designers will work closely with you to design a new website that reflects your brand,  and captivates your audience.

As we help you to move from Wix to WordPress, we will ensure that your new website is optimized for SEO to ensure your website’s visibility and optimum ranking in search engine results. Our team also replicates and enhances any functionality from your Wix website using WordPress plugins or custom development.

Throughout the process, we conduct rigorous testing to ensure that your new WordPress website is performs well across all devices and browsers. We provide comprehensive training to help you to manage and update your new website yourself, in the knowledge that you can always get support from our team.

Ready to make the switch from Wix to WordPress?  Contact us today to experience a smooth and hassle-free migration to WordPress.

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