Search Engine Optimisation

However beautiful your website is, it is of little use if it can not be found.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a service that Three Girls Media offers to new and existing clients to improve the visibility of your website, broaden your online presence and improve your rankings in the main search engines.

There are three main disciplines involved in Search Engine Optimistion including:

  1. Submission to the major search engines
  2. On page optimistion
  3. Off page optimistion

We offer a variety of packages for Search Engine Optimisation as well as a full site audit for existing sites which will tell you exactly how your site is performing and how you could improve your rankings.

Search Engine Submission

We will submit your site to all of the main search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing (as well as many others).  The Submission process initiates and speeds up the crawling of your site by search engines and once your site has been crawled, it will begin to rank in the the various search engines.  Once we have submitted your site, we will monitor progress of the crawling and monitor your progress and improvement in search engine rankings.

On Page Optimisation

There are many aspects to ensuring that your key words and phrases – those that you wish to be found for are included in your site and in your individual pages.  If you have already established the key words and phrases that you wish to rank for, then we can work to improve those rankings.

Alternatively, we can carry out key word research for you analysing your own site as well as your competitors’ websites.  You may well be surprised with what we find.

With our detailed knowledge of the way the search engines work, we will the ensure that all of these keywords and phrases are featured on your site, not only in the text that is visible to to viewers, but also in the code that is crawled by the search engines.

Off Page Optimisation

Many of the search engines, including Google, judge the quality of your website (and therefore rank it) based upon the number and quality of sites that link to your site on the internet.  For new businesses the problem is where to start, and how to obtain links from other sites back to your site.

Our experienced team will be able to implement a strategy to obtain good quality links back to your website from numerous other sites and directories across the internet.

In addition, we can implement a Social media strategy for you which will get viewers of your site to actively participate in promoting you site on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, we can assist with the creation of articles relating to your business or industry which can be submitted to various article directories, blogs and PR websites that will assist with the promotion of your website.

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