Email Marketing

Email is, and should be, a fundamental part of any marketing campaign but getting it right can be more difficult than it first seems.

At Three Girls Media we offer complete email marketing solutions including:

  • Campaign strategy
  • Email list procurement
  • Email / newsletter design
  • Tracking and analytics
  • Social Media integration

All of our email solutions include custom designed and branded email templates which will be of the standards that you might receive from any blue chip company – the software and systems that we use immediately provides you with the ability to send emails that are on a par  with those sent by the “big boys”.

Email Marketing – Campaign Strategy

We will work with you to establish the purpose of your campaign.  Is it to attract new customers, to provide offers and incentives to existing customers or simply to bring your news to the inboxes of both new and existing customers?  Whatever the purpose of the campaign, we will help you to establish the key goals, a sensible timeline, and advise on result targets.

Email List Procurement and Management

We can use these systems to broadcast email either to your own mailing list, or we can advise upon list procurement, or a mixture of both.  We can segment your campaigns if required and carry out multiple split tests.  All of our website designs include the option to create and and manage subscrptions right from the site, seamlessly integrating new subscribers with your existing mailing list.

Email Design

Whatever the purpose of your email marketing campaign, we can provide you with beautiful email designs that will look like you have a whole marketing army working for you.  We cover all of the options.

Your email list will receive an HTML email which will be exactly to your requirements, but they will also have the option to open that email in a web browser, to view a plain text version of the email and of course to view the email without downloading all of the beautiful images that you have chosen (some people just don’t need to see them!).  Importantly, all of your emails will be standards compliant.  They will have the mandatory “unsubscribe” link as well as the sender information that is required by the Data Protection Act.  We can even help you write your privacy policy.

Finally, we cover the difficult issue of images.  Including fabulous imagery in email is one of the primary reasons that businesses wish to use email marketing but actually including all of those images in your emails is an absolute no-no.  The reason is simple, the email file size would be enormous, transmit times would be slow, and many inboxes would simply reject your email – a complete waste of time.  The best way to deal with images in email is to code your emails so that links in the message automatically download the images on demand, whenever someone opens that email.  We take care of all of this for you, and host the images on very reliable servers that are entirely dedicated to that purpose.

Tracking and Analytics

Like any marketing campaign, an email marketing campaign is almost worthless if you can’t track the results.  We include full tracking and analytics into every campaign allowing you to fully analyse key information like the number of recipients who actually open the email, what links and images in the email they look at, if they forward the email etc.  This allows you to fully understand the effectiveness of any campaign and constantly refine and improve as you go along.

Social Media Integration

With the popularity of Social Media, any email marketing campaign that does not include the ability to share through Facebook, Twitter and the leading social bookmarking services is simply missing a trick, and potentially a vast audience that could well become your subscribers and your customers. After all, recommendation has always been one of the surest ways to get new business.

All of our email campaigns have social media fully integrated with Facebook “share” buttons, Twitter “Tweet” buttons, and many others.  Importantly, recipients social media actions are trackable in exactly the same way that recipient behaviour is trackable.

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