Social Media

Social Media has become, and should be, an integral part of any marketing campaign and can also be very useful for both web traffic generation and for Search Engine Optimisation.  It is however important to understand that it can only ever be a part of a marketing strategy, and that the notion that simply engaging in Social Media will bring instant success is of course incorrect.

For many people Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter is an integral part of their personal lives, and they feel that they are missing out by not using these tools to promote their businesses. The problem is, most business people have no idea what benefits Social Media may bring them, nor how to properly harness these tools.


Facebook is pretty hard to ignore with a user base of over 2.2 billion people (and growing).  The issue for most businesses is how to make best use of this incredible platform and how to harness its power for the ultimate business benefit.

Facebook can, of course, be used simply as a marketing tool but is can also be used more subtly to increase brand profile and to engage with existing customers.  Given its nature, that engagement can lead to recommendations from Facebook users to their entire network, and sometimes these recommendations can become viral.

Like blogging, Facebook use requires regular updating.  There is little point utilising Facebook if you have nothing to say, or if you are not prepared to make the effort to provide regular news.  Of course, these updates can be marketing based, but they should also include something that is of interest or use to viewers whether that be an offer, or an informational piece, video or podcast..

At its most basic, a business or brand will require a Facebook business or fan page and Three Girls Media can create this for you. We can customise the look and feel of the Facebook company page through the use of graphics like our own Facebook page.

We are able to provide all levels of Facebook service including custom page design, graphics, profile creation and a full interaction service generating content for you and posting it regularly to Facebook.

News / Blogging

At Three Girls Media recommend that all websites should include a news section or have a related blog.  At its most basic, this is simply a way of publishing news and up to date information about your business or industry.  The most important point is that it is “time-stamped” i.e. every news item is dated and timed.

First impressions count in Blogs, and whilst poor design may be forgiven in lieu of good content, there is nothing worse than visiting a blog where the most recent post is 3 months, or even a year out of date.  If, as a business, you are not able to update you blog or news section regularly, then a blog is not for you.  It is far better not to feature a blog than to present out of date information. Posting news updates even once a month can make a serious difference to both search engine rankings and to your viewers’ experience.

Search Engines have become very much like human viewers in that they love fresh, regularly updated content.  The principle is simple – it demonstrates that a website owner has something to say, and that they are prepared to put effort into updating the world about their business and their message.

We include a news facility as part of every web design that we create, and we can also create blogs for existing websites either on your own domains or on platforms like WordPress or Blogger.  In addition, we can provide a blogging strategy and even arrange for custom content to be written for you and regularly updated.  We can take on the whole blogging “burden” and with a detailed brief we can become the mouthpiece for your business.

We can even link your website news to your Facebook page so that all news that you post on your website is automatically posted to Facebook.