Secure Parent Zones

If you want to engage not only potential clients, but also your existing clients, and at the same time save a huge amount of management time, then a Parent Portal or Parent Zone is for you.

All of our nursery websites include the ability to add a parent zone either at the time of the build, or at a later date.

We understand that much of the information about what goes on during a typical nursery day is sensitive, and so a Parent Zone is a great way to place information such as timetables, calendars, policies and most importantly images of children, behind a password protected, secure area.

There is no limit to the amount of information that can be stored in this “secure” area, and you will have an easy way to control just who gets to see what.  Parents will need to register for access and you will have total control over whose registration is approved and whose is not.  You can also rescind access rights as soon as a parent no longer has children at the nursery.

Parent Portals can save a huge amount of management time.  Imagine:

A nursery trip to the zoo

Lets say  you take 20 children to the zoo and take lots of picture of them that you would like their parents to see.  Without a Parent Zone you would need to sort through the pictures and email them one by one to the children’s parents or keep the actual photos at the nursery for the parents to come and view.

With a gallery in a Parent Zone, you can upload the photos to a password protected page in minutes and send one email to all of the [parents letting them know that the pictures are available to view on the website.  Even better, you could add news of the pictures to the password protected blog.  Just a few minutes and all of the parents will be very happy, and a great deal of time will have been saved.

An easy way to distribute policies

In our experience most nurseries have dozens of policies and procedures – as required by Ofsted and The Care Commission.  Just reviewing these and keeping them up to date can be very time consuming, let alone distributing them to parents.

Many of our nursery clients place the most frequently used policies in their Parent Zone so that parents can easily access them without needing to bother nursery management.  We can provide a password protected section of the nursery website where there is an alphabetical list of policies and procedures that parents can easily view or download.  A nursery manager will no longer have to find and email a copy of the relevant to a parent, they can simply refer them to the page in the Parent Zone where all the documents are filed.  Much quicker, and much more efficient.